Finally, the Breakthrough Arrived…

Have you seen this post yet? I have some serious door/transom/bathroom envy. The dynamic duo Bryan & Catherine over at Beginning in the Middle are serious geniuses. I have found Instagram to be the perfect learning ground. I would get so wrapped up and bogged down in so many different concepts of what I’d like to do here. I’ve imagined this space to be so many things but I know that deep down inside the purpose of this blog was always to inspire. I cannot wait to share all the spaces and places that make me feel all warm and cozy inside. So…


1. Allow me inspire your home. I’m so excited at the prospect of being a place to give you that new project you can’t wait to start. I have discovered so many blogs that give me inspiration and I really hope that one day I will  give that feeling to at least one other person. I am so ready to show you mine, but please don’t ever be shy about showing me yours! PLEASE, share your spaces with me. Follow me on Instagram and tag me in your personal happy places. My amazing, beautiful followers, show off to me!  Let me see that AH-mazing that little corner you just finished off. Share your heart and soul with the total remodel you slaved over for 3 years. I cannot wait to to see what you create (and bug you with million questions because I need to buy all your amazing finds too!)

But also…

2. Let me introduce you to new places that will make your soul feel happy. Places that just the thought of make you feel lighter. I cannot wait to let you know the places in the Hudson Valley, Berkshires, Capital Region and rest of the Northeast, that just bring a smile to your face. I cannot wait to travel this little nexus of small towns, big cities and show you what I find. I have complied a long list of places I cannot wait to share with you. Seriously, it’s going to take me years to get through this that I’ve accumulated over the past 6 months. I’d love to spark your next a quick day trip or a luxe weekend away.

I can’t wait to show you what the Northeast means to me. I feel so lucky to live here where all 4 seasons are present, history surrounds you, all while innovation is always moving us forward. I probably also wont be able to help sneaking in a few personal updates too, because once you stop by, you are are peeking into my soul. I cannot wait for this new adventure and I cannot wait to share it with each and everyone of you! Check back soon for my very first tour guide!


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